Where to Find
Free Bible Stories for Children

So, you’re on the hunt for free bible stories for children. Below you will find my recommendations on where you can actually find bible stories for your child. I will detail out which sites have materials for you to print as well as which ones offer the bible stories only digitally.

Note: I do advise you to make yourself fully aware of the content being provided to your child by reading through the stories, lessons and checking out the entire web pages before letting your child read them.

First up on the list is:

Garden of Praise

What a wonderful find this site is. Created by a veteran classroom teacher, Garden of Praise has made it their purpose to provide free online & printable teaching materials.

What I like most about this site:

  • Easy to interact with.
  • Once you click on a bible lesson you have the option to follow along with an audio recording of the story, play an activity centered around the bible story, or you can even watch a slideshow presentation of the bible story lesson.
  • As you continue to scroll down the story lesson page, you’ll see that there is a free printout of the story and some printable activity and test sheets.

The Children’s Chapel

While the pastel colored text and busy background might have you blinking a bit upon first entering the site, stick with it – not all the pages have the same coloring.

As you scroll down, you’ll see a table of contents on the left of the screen. Just select the story you’re looking for and voila, it shall appear. The stories on this site were written entirely for onscreen viewing.

I am recommending this site because of two reasons:
  • It enables you to receive free stories for children each week in your email, which can be a great help if you are trying to keep up with your kids’ lessons.

  • The stories are definitely written with a child’s perspective in mind. While you will find some text pulled directly from the bible, there are word variations and additions to keep the story simple for a child’s level of understanding.

Bible for Children

Definitely a site devoted to providing you with free bible stories for children. While this site does not provide lesson plans or activities, it does provide free children’s bible stories in easy to access formats for reading online or printing out.

The only downside to these free bible stories is the quality of writing is not consistent throughout all the stories. Most of the stories, however, will be easily read and enjoyed by children.

What I like most about this site:

  • Easy to follow table of contents listing the stories and the formats you can access them in.
  • Most of the stories have a printable coloring book version.
  • All the stories are told with colored pictures.
  • All the stories can be printed.

Well, there you have it. The above sites were the most comprehensive and kid friendly in their presentation of the bible stories that I could find. I hope you have found these resources useful to you on your hunt for free bible stories for children.

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