Bible Stories for Kids

Finding the right bible stories for kids can be a challenge. We want them to learn the biblical lessons that are going to guide them into making the right decisions. How do we do present the bible stories in a way that’s going to keep their attention and teach them the lesson?

Great Question!

My initial response is to say, "don’t read them the bible." And then here’s when you say, "What? It’s a Bible Story! What do you mean don’t read them the bible?"

So, let me correct myself, by saying, "Get your kids a Children’s Bible" one that you’ve read through and feel expresses the basic stories & lessons you want your kids to learn.

Don’t stop there! Follow through with gathering teaching resources online and in print that enhance your child’s learning (i.e. worksheets, printouts, coloring pages, crafts specific to bible stories for kids).

We’ve already done some of the gathering of online resources and share them with you below.

Bible Story Crafts
Free Bible Stories for Children
Bible Story Coloring Pages
Preschool Bible Stories
Bible Story for Family
Bible Story of Creation
Bible Story of Joseph

Kid’s Say and Do the Funniest Things . . .

When I told my 4 year old godson that I was pregnant, he immediately asked his mom how I got a baby in my belly. She replied that Jesus put her there. He said in shock, "Why did Jesus make Aunt Cindy eat her baby?"

Aunt Cindy

My nephew, Kyle, once said he wanted to take communion again because he loves 'Nilla wafers.

Proud Uncle

My three year old son's Sunday school was discussing what blessings were and how they were for those less fortunate. The children each said who they would bless. Grandma who is sick. A friend who has to move out of the house they are losing. Then came my son's turn. "Skunks!" he promptly answered.

"Why skunks?" the teacher asked, wondering if my son understood the concept of not having what others did.

"Because they stink, and they can't take a bath like us!"

Proud Mom

I remember a child in our Sunday school who was very difficultly sitting in the chair while the teacher was talking to a bored class. All of us, other than him were looking here and there and chatting amongst ourselves. When asked why he was trying so hard to listen he answered, "God has taken more than tolerable pains for me, so I am trying; why can't I sit and listen to the terrible story for his sake?” Our laughter new no bounds by his answer.

Fellow Classmate

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