Mother Goose Who?

The idea of one woman behind the guise of “Mother Goose” creating all the wonderful nursery rhymes attributed to her name is just as true as the image of a goose spinning tales to a group of children.

In actuality, it is believed that the creator of all those Mother Goose nursery rhymes is not one but many authors (male and female alike).

What about the "Original Madame Goose"?

Unfortunately, there is no concrete evidence pin-pointing her start in this world. My timeline suggests she arrived before 1586, but I have found no historical data to confirm the birth of her existence.

There are some who believe that she was Elizabeth Goose from Boston. A woman who would tell the silly rhymes to her grandchildren.

The claim first arose in 1860 and has since been disputed. Scholars have searched for any documentation giving credit to the claim and have instead proved the claim false. Nursery-rhyme pilgrims however, still pay tribute to the presumed gravesite of one Elizabeth Goose.

So, while searching for her origins may just be leading you into a wild goose chase, the Real Mother Goose will always remain alive in her works.

Which, like her identity, inhabit a wide range of disciplines from nursery rhymes to movies to rock music. That’s right, children can now sing the infamous nursery rhymes to music videos. (Mother Goose Rocks!)

And if that isn’t enough rhyming entertainment, Mother Goose stories have even made their way into computer games. So, now your children can get their literature lessons from all avenues – there is no escape from the nursery rhyme.

Interesting Goose Tidbits

  • Geese, on average, can live up to 20 years.

  • Geese mate for life. And will only seek out another mate if the other dies.

  • Mixed Up Mother Goose was the first computer game focused on the Goose’s Nursery Rhymes.

  • Goose eggs in a nest are called a “clutch”.

  • On average Mama Geese will lay between 2-8 eggs.

  • A single goose typically produces 1.5 lbs of poop a day.

  • The stars poured out to join the cast of the movie, Mother Goose Rock n Rhyme. A few of the big names: Little Richard, Woody Harrelson, Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon, Cindi Lauper, Deborah Harry, & Cheech Marin.

  • Baby geese are called goslings.

  • Goslings can fly about 2-3 months after hatching.

  • Geese molt (loose their flight feathers) once a year. In which they become extremely vulnerable to predators.

  • It takes approximately 6 weeks for geese to grow new flight feathers after molting.

  • The natural predators of geese are foxes, raccoons, owls and snapping turtles.

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