Does Mother Goose
Rock n Rhyme?

Mother Goose Rock n Rhyme? Are you serious?

Well…okay, while Mother goose herself may not come out with an electric guitar and jam out her nursery rhymes, you will find that the characters of your favorite nursery rhymes do know how to rock n rhyme.

In fact, in more than one of the Mother Goose movies listed below you will see that nursery rhymes and music go hand-in-hand. And children, especially, will find themselves singing the Mother Goose nursery rhymes right along with the characters.

I’ve listed the movies (including the actual "Mother Goose Rock n Rhyme" video) below in the order of their original release date.

Please note that the movie titles on this page link out to their corresponding Amazon pages.

  1. The Wacky World of Mother Goose

    DVD Released March 4, 2003 (Origination Date 1967)

    Recommended for Ages 7 and Older

    This original 1967 story starts off with Mother Goose leaving King Cole in charge while she visits her ill sister. Count Warptwist takes the opportunity of Mother Goose’s absence to carry out his sinister plan of enslaving the nursery rhyme characters to mine diamonds.

    What You Can Expect To See: Animated characters, a few interesting back stories to the nursery rhyme characters, and a few of your favorite rhymes.

  2. Mother Goose Treasury - Vol. 1


    Mother Goose Treasury - Vol. 2

    DVD Released January 2, 2001, (Origination Date September 1987)

    Recommended for ages 5 and younger

    While this no "Mother Goose Rock n Rhyme" you will definitely find yourself singing along. Set in Gooseberry Glen, Mother Goose & Bertram, a friendly Gander, unite the community in performing several cherished nursery rhymes.

    What You Can Expect To See: Sing-A-Long Nursery Rhymes, Puppets, Animatronics Goose “Bertram”, & Human Performers.

  3. Jim Henson's Mother Goose Stories: Humpty Dumpty/Mother Hubbard and Many More!– 6 Classic Tales


    Jim Henson's Mother Goose Stories: Jack & Jill/Old King Cole and Many More!– 8 Classic Tales

    DVD’s Released January 25, 2005 (Origination 1987)

    Recommended for Ages 2 and Older

    Jim Henson shares his versions of favorite Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes in this collection of episodes from his 1987 award winning television series.

    What You Can Expect To See: Live action actors, a real goose, & Jim Henson’s puppetry.

  4. Mother Goose Rock N Rhyme [VHS]

    VHS Released June 16, 1998 (Origination Date May 19, 1990)

    Recommended for Children 7 & Older

    Set in Rhymeland, Mother Goose is kidnapped and her son Gordon sets out with Little Bo Peep in search of her. They must find her and bring her back to Rhymeland before all the Mother Goose Characters disappear.

    Winner of the

      - Peabody Award
      - Emmy for Costume
      - ACE for Children’s Programming

    What You Can Expect To See: Famous Singers & Actors playing the roles of your favorite Mother Goose Characters, Your Favorite Rhymes with a musical twist.

  5. Barney Rhymes With Mother Goose [VHS]

    VHS Released September 29, 1992

    Recommended Ages 2 – 4 Year Olds

    Children are enlisted to help Barney reconstruct the damaged pages of a Mother Goose book that was partially eaten by a bookworm

    What You Can Expect to See: a 30 minute episode of the old Barney show.

  6. Richard Scarry's Best Sing-A-Long Mother Goose Video!

    DVD Released August 13, 2002 (Origination Date 1993)

    Recommended for Ages 2 & Older

    Huckle Cat is searching all throughout Mother Gooseland for his friend Lowly Worm. He meets his favorite Mother Goose characters who sing out their rhymes.

    What You Can Expect To See: Animated characters, your favorite rhymes sung to catchy tunes.

  7. Barney's Rhyme Time Rhythm

    DVD Released March 21, 2000

    Recommended Ages 2 and Older

    Barney and friends (including Mother Goose, herself) bring encouragement to Emily who is trying to write a poem for school.

    What You Can Expect To See: live action actors (Mother Goose, included), Barney & friends, song and dance.

That’s the end of the list. Thank you for checking out my Mother Goose movies list. Hope you find yourself jamming along with Mother Goose Rock n Rhyme!

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