Mixed Up Mother Goose
Where Are You?

Where, Oh Where has Mixed Up Mother Goose gone? If, like me, you have been on the hunt for this infamous nursery rhyme computer game and have come up with nothing – it’s not your fault. The game’s last release was in 1996 as a deluxe version that can now only be found on E-bay or passed down from another kid generation grown up.

If you are desperate to get your hands on the game you can find the original 1987 DOS version available for free download at the bottom of this page. I do have to warn you that if your child is used to playing the fast paced games of today’s society, there’s a good chance they will bore of the ancient slow-paced DOS version of Mixed-Up Mother Goose.

I’ve listed below a few other Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme computer games that may interest you and your children.

Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby: Nursery Rhymes
Ages 6 mo to 24 mo

This game is absolutely awesome for parents who want to introduce their child to the computer. The game takes up the entire computer screen and allows your child to hit any key to create an onscreen response.

There are 14 Mother Goose nursery rhymes kids can interact with, all containing music and narration. I highly recommend this to any parent wishing to introduce their kids to the computer and Nursery Rhymes. Giggles even has a version in Spanish.

You can access a free trial version download here: Giggles Free Trial. I must warn you though, that the trial version is quite limited in its features. The real deal is much more fun.

Free On-Line Mother Goose Games
Ages 7 and Up

The free games on this website are just that – games. While the central theme of the site is definitely Mother Goose, the games are simple and fun, a few of them aid in learning. I specifically enjoyed the matching games. Younger children may like the Cow jumped over the Moon game.

I would recommend that as a parent, you go through the site first and let your child know their limits on it. The creator of the site has made it quite easy for you to download and purchase other versions of the games. Free Online Games

Mother Goose Caboose
Ages 5 and Up

This site is awesome! The games on this website are learning activity games. I recommend Mother Goose Caboose to teachers and parents alike. You will find: print-out activities, booklets, cut & paste pages, on-line activities for kids ages 5 and up.

While the name of this website puts the focus on “Mother Goose” the information and activities cover a much broader scope from the alphabet to dinosaurs, from nursery rhymes to Haiku poems. Mother Goose Caboose

Mixed Up Mother Goose
Ages 7 and Up

Originally released in 1987 this simple game invites your child into a dreamland in which the Mother Goose storybook characters have lost key items out of their respective rhymes. So, your child is put on a quest to reunite the correct item with its respective nursery rhyme character. If your child is successful at reuniting an item with a character, then the rhyme will appear on screen while music plays in the background.

The Mother Goose nursery rhymes that your child will come across in their game play are listed below.

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
Little Jack Horner
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Little Miss Muffet
Jack Sprat
Hey Diddle Diddle
Old King Cole
Little Bo Peep
Little Tommy Tucker
Hickory Dickory Dock
Where, O’ Where Has My Little Dog Gone?
Jack and Jill
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
Crooked Man
Jack be Nimble
Humpty Dumpty
Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross

There have been several re-releases of Mixed-Up Mother Goose. The game play itself remained the same, but the graphics, sound and quality of the game improved with each release, 1990, 1992 and finally 1996 (which came out with Mixed Up Mother Goose Deluxe, included a bonus audio CD).

Download of the DOS version of Mixed-Up Mother Goose: Free Mixed Up Mother Goose Download 256 KB

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